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Inpatient FAQ: UTI and Indwelling Catheter/Device

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Wednesday, January 17, 2024

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A patient was transferred from a nursing home with a Foley and was found to have a UTI upon admission.  Should we always query to see if the UTI was caused by the Foley catheter?



Yes.  Patients that have an indwelling catheter are susceptible to bacteria in the urine and UTIs.  If the UTI was caused by the Foley, code T83.511A (Infection and inflammatory reaction due to indwelling urethral catheter, initial encounter) should be assigned as the principal diagnosis.  A code for the UTI should also be assigned as a secondary diagnosis.  A catheter-associated urinary tract infection is also called a (CAUTI).  Coding the CAUTI as the principal diagnosis may also affect the DRG assignment.


It’s good practice to review the chart for supporting evidence of the presence of a Foley catheter or another kind of urinary catheter/device, when a UTI is diagnosed. 



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Article Author: Susie James, RHIT, CCS
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