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Imitrex, Is It a Self-Administered Drug?

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Wednesday, May 5, 2021

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We have another question about self-administered drugs based on prior outpatient FAQs for Lovenox and insulin. (Click for the Lovenox article and for the insulin article.) Is the drug ‘Imitrex’ a self-administered drug for Medicare? Usually, we see this given to patients in the ER who present with migraine type headaches.


For Palmetto, the Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC) for Jurisdictions J and M, Imitrex is a self-administered drug when given by subcutaneous route. For Medicare, you would NEVER report a subcutaneous injection (CPT code 96372) for Imitrex. If you are under the jurisdiction of a different MAC, check their respective self-administered drug list as the drugs can vary from one MAC to the next.

Here is a link to Palmetto’s self admin drug list. It is a very handy reference to see which injectable drugs are considered self-administered drugs at least – for hospitals under the jurisdiction of Palmetto GBA.

Local Coverage Article for Self-Administered Drug Exclusion List

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