Medicare Hospital Dialysis Services

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Medicare Hospital Dialysis Services 

CMS Transmittal 2455 released April 26, 2012 informs hospitals about the correct billing of acute dialysis services for Medicare inpatients and outpatients.

HCPCS code G0257 is only to be billed for hospital outpatients with ESRD. G0257 is not to be reported for hospital inpatient services billed under Part B (12x type of bill) or for hospital outpatients who do not have ESRD. HCPCS code G0257 is used for hospital outpatients with ESRD when the criteria listed below from the Medicare Claims Processing Manual, chapter 4, section 200.2 is met.

“Payment for unscheduled dialysis furnished to ESRD outpatients and paid under the OPPS is limited to the following circumstances:

  • Dialysis performed following or in connection with a dialysis-related procedure such as vascular access procedure or blood transfusions;
  • Dialysis performed following treatment for an unrelated medical emergency; e.g., if a patient goes to the emergency room for chest pains and misses a regularly scheduled dialysis treatment that cannot be rescheduled, CMS allows the hospital to provide and bill Medicare for the dialysis treatment; or
  • Emergency dialysis for ESRD patients who would otherwise have to be admitted as inpatients in order for the hospital to receive payment.”

HCPCS code G0257 may only be reported on Type of Bill (TOB) 13X (hospital outpatient service) or TOB 85X (Critical Access Hospital). Effective for services on and after October 1, 2012, claims containing HCPCS code G0257 will be returned to the provider for correction if G0257 is reported with a type of bill other than 13X or 85X (such as a 12x inpatient claim).

Hospitals should report HCPCS code 90935 (Hemodialysis procedure with single physician evaluation) for the following hospital dialysis services.

  • Hospital inpatients with or without ESRD who have no coverage under Part A, but have Part B coverage. The service must be reported on a Type of Bill 12X or Type of Bill 85X.
  • Hospital outpatients who do not have ESRD and are receiving hemodialysis in the hospital outpatient department. The service is reported on a TOB 13X or l 85X.

CPT code 90945 (Dialysis procedure other than hemodialysis (e.g. peritoneal dialysis, hemofiltration, or other continuous replacement therapies)), with single physician evaluation, may be reported by a hospital paid under the OPPS or CAH method I or method II on type of bill 12X, 13X or 85X.

For complete information see the transmittal at the link above or the MLN Matters Article MM7732.

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