Billing of IV Push Injections with a Blood Transfusion

on Monday, 01 June 2009. All News Items

There have been questions regarding whether it is appropriate to bill CPT codes for IV push injection when given in conjunction with a blood transfusion - particularly since the IV push injection requires a 59 modifier when billed on the same outpatient date of service as the blood transfusion, CPT code 36415, representing a separate and distinct service.
We contacted National Correct Coding Initiative and received confirmation that it is appropriate to bill IV push injections in this scenario for the administration of drugs administered in conjunction with the blood transfusion, including but not limited to Benadryl, Lasix, Solumedrol.  the drugs must be ordered by the physician and medically necessary.
It is also appropriate to assign modifier 59 to the IV push injections to verify the codes are not being reported for the actual administration of the blood.

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