PEPPER Reports Are Back

on Wednesday, 17 February 2010. All News Items

The first release of the new Program for Evaluating Payment Patterns Electronic Report (PEPPER) is now available on the My QualityNet website for short-term and long-term acute care hospitals.  Files are available through a My QualityNet secure file exchange to hospital QualityNet Administrators and user accounts with the PEPPER recipient role.  Future reports are scheduled to be released on or about March 24, May 24, August 24 and October 25, 2010.

PEPPER provides hospital-specific data for Medicare severity diagnosis-related groups (MS-DRGs) and discharges at high risk for payment errors.  PEPPER can identify potential over- or under- payments and where a hospital is an outlier for risk areas.  The new reports compare a hospital’s performance on each of the CMS target areas to that of other hospitals in their state, their Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC) jurisdiction and the nation.  PEPPER is now produced and distributed by TMF® Health Quality Institute under contract with CMS; QIOs are no longer involved in providing the reports.

For more information on PEPPER, see the Cahaba GBA PEPPER announcement or visit

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