Medicare Coverage Updates November 2010

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Draft LCDs: Cahaba GBA released three draft Local Coverage Determinations (LCDs) for comment in November. Of particular interest to hospitals are the draft policies for skin substitutes and vertebroplasty / kyphoplasty. The comment period is November 1, 2011 through December 17, 2010. The draft policies are:

If you would like to make a comment on a policy, you may e-mail your comment to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or write to the Medical Director at this address:

Cahaba GBA MAC A & B
Comments for Draft LCDs
P.O. Box 13384
Birmingham, AL 35202-3384

New Effective Policies: Two draft policies have been finalized and will become effective November 15, 2010. These policies are:

NOTE: The Draft LCD Radiology: Ultrasound Guidance for Vascular Access Requiring Ultrasound Evaluation of Potential Access Sites (DL31295) has been rescinded.

Updated LCDs: Effective October 1, 2010, Cahaba GBA added diagnosis codes that support medical necessity to two policies.

Diagnoses for the signs and symptoms involving cognition were added to:

  • Outpatient Occupational Therapy LCD (L30007) (Rehab CPT/HCPCS codes)
  • Outpatient Speech Language Pathology LCD (L30010)

Added codes are:

  • 799.51             Attention or concentration deficit
  • 799.52             Cognitive communication deficit
  • 799.53             Visuospatial deficit
  • 799.54             Psychomotor deficit
  • 799.55             Frontal lobe and executive function deficit
  • 799.59             Other signs and symptoms involving cognition

All Cahaba LCDs and Articles can be found on the Cahaba website at the following link:

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