Community-Based Care Transition Program Frequently Asked Questions

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Recently, MMP, Inc. released an email blast highlighting the Community Based Care Transition Program (CCTP) and compared our clients Hospital Compare 30 Day Hospital Readmission rates for AMI, Heart Failure and Pneumonia to the National and State averages.  

The CCTP aims to reduce hospital readmissions, test ways to fund care transition services, maintain or improve quality of care and realize savings to the Medicare program. 

CMS has provided a state by state list of hospitals in the Fourth Quartile for 30-Day Readmission for AMI, HF and Pneumonia.  The following excerpt from this list details the Alabama Hospitals that are in the Fourth Quartile.   

 Beth's Email pic03-7-11

Several CMS Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) related to the CCTP have recently been posted on the CMS website. 

FAQ ID 10428 is directed at understanding the table of hospitals in the fourth quartile.  The FAQ indicates that the hospitals above the dotted line are in the fourth quartile for AMI, HF and Pneumonia and the hospitals below the dotted line are in the fourth quartile for two of the three measures.   

A link to the FAQs related to the CCTP can be found at

MMP, Inc. retainer clients can go to the Resource Library on our Client page to access a complete list of these FAQs. 

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