CMS launches CMS Dashboard BETA

on Monday, 12 April 2010. All News Items

Last week CMS launched their CMS Dashboard.  The Overview indicates that this “is a beta release and offers statistical views of Inpatient Prospective Payment System (IPPS) data as it relates to claims payment and volume as collected by CMS.  The data contained in this beta version is current as of March 2010, for inpatient discharges from January, 2006 to December, 2009.  Future releases may contain additional CMS Program data.”

Key Points about the dashboard are: 

  • This data does not include Medicare Advantage patients.
  • Data has been summarized by the fiscal year.  
  • The data is grouped by claim payment, patient volume, DRG & individual hospital.
  • The Dashboard allows you to look at a state to state comparison of inpatient payment, volume and average inpatient payment per claim. 
  • The summarized data is not risk adjusted.

Below is payment and volume data specific to Alabama that can be found on the Dashboard. 

Fiscal Year (FY) Total Inpatient Payment Total Inpatient Volume Average Inpatient Payment per Claim
2007 $1,821,439,990 261,919 $6,954
2008 $1,829,899,729 253,782 $7,211
2009 $1,752,188,780 233,332 $7,509

 The National Top 25 DRG’s by Fiscal Year can also be accessed on the Dashboard. 

In analyzing the top 25 DRG data it is interesting to note that the top surgical and medical DRG by volume is consistently DRG 470: Major Joint Replacement or Reattachment of Lower Extremity with MCC and DRG Pair 291 / 292: Heart Failure & Shock with MCC / with CC.  

DRG 470 and DRG 291 are both on the approved Connolly RAC DRG list for Validation issues for Region C. 

Below is claims data that can be found on the dashboard specific to DRG 470 and DRG pair 291 / 292 by fiscal year.

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