Approved Add-On Payments for FY 2015


New CCI Modifiers and MUE Rules

If At First You Don’t Succeed, Try, Try Again

Radiology CCI Edits

Not So Fun

Other Outpatient Updates 2015 OPPS Rule

Head-Banging and Teeth-Gnashing

2015 Drug Screening Codes

How Complex Can It Get?

January 2015 OPPS Update

Tell Me Once, Tell Me Twice…

Reporting Devices Received at No or Reduced Costs

My Medical Device Was On Sale!

Contractor Claims Review Deadlines

New Timeframe for Response to ADRs and Timeliness for Prepay Reviews

Inpatient Only Procedures and the 3-Day Rule

The Big, the Bad, and the Ugly

Billing Observation Hours Correctly

Observe the Rules of Observation

2-Midnight Rule To Be, Or Not To Be?

A Review of the April 2nd MedPAC Committee Discussion of Hospital Short Stay Policy Issues

Billing for Laboratory Testing

Coming In and Going Out

CMS Releases Annual Medicare Payment Data

Promoting Better Care, Smarter Spending and Healthier People through Annual Medicare Hospital and Physician Data Release

Medicare Hospital and Physician Data Release: A Different Perspective

CMS Releases Annual Medicare Hospital, Physician and Other Supplier Utilization and Payment Data

Hyperbaric Oxygen Units and Coverage Requirements

Pickier Than a Banjo at a Blue Grass Festival

July 2015 OPPS Modifier and Code Updates

Off-Campus, Offset, and Off-Kilter

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